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    The WuPixels Applet is copyright © HeHo, All Rights Reserved.
    The WuPixels Applet is released with NO WARRANTY and freely usable/distributable.
    Feel free to use this applet for your non-commercial projects.
    If you want to use it for commercial purpose, please contact me with e-mail.

  •  [Samples]

    Sample 1 default sample
    Sample 2 use background image and double size
    Sample 3 use background color

  •  [Applet Tag Generator]
    Parameter [min-max] Description
    width  [16-512] Applet width
    height  [16-512] Applet height
    resX  [16-width] Resolution width
    resY  [16-height] Resolution height
    delay  [0-100] Delay between each frame in milliseconds
    bgcolor Background color in RGB hex value, like html format,
    but without the prefix # .This parameter will have
    effect if you don't use background image
    background Background Image
    Blur  [0-128] Blur value (0..128), which is the color component
    subtracted for each level of blur to reach the color
    of the background. Lower values gives soft and
    more propagated blurring, higher values gives
    stronger decadence of color, fading to black sooner
    Particles  [96-6144] Number of particles
    Morph  [20-1000] Number of frames for morph effect
    Change  [morph-1000] Number of frames between changing shapes

    You should paste
    this HTML code in
    your HTML page
    and then copy the
    wupixels.jar file
    and the image file
    into the same

© HeHo